Cut and Fold of Square Iron Bar

Besides doing the cut and fold of square iron bar under measure, the cut and etiquetagem of the cordoalha of protension and ready framework welded, through the Centralfer, we carry out a prior evaluation of the projects and detection of mistakes, with rastreabilidade of the material, supplying quality certificate of the products. 

The service of cut and fold also offers more benefits for the projects, as:

  • Zero loss of material. The evaluation of the project allows to identify the right quantity of steel to be used in the project. So, the client only pays what really will be used;
  • Reduction of the costs with equipments, tools financed for cut and fold, electric energy, etc.;
  • Labor reduction;
  • Optimization of the space of the flowerbed of work, without being necessary to maintain stock in the place. The client receives only the material that will be used in the combined date.

Everything for his projects

Do not import in the size, the RDG attends his necessities in iron and steel products.