We are 38 years ago in the Brazilian iron and steel market making from the steel solution over 80 thousand clients. Regional leader in the sector, we market 94 thousand tons in a year.

On the RDG

From of 1980, the RDG acts in the attacked one and retail trade of the products from the steel, with the quite diversified mix of plates, doubled and laminated profiles, tubes, galvanized tiles, square iron bars, metal fabrics, cooked again wire, nails, cantoneiras, trellises, flat, round, square and rectangular bars, and also a complete line for serralherias. Leader in the market capixaba in the marketing of iron and steel products, the RDG counts on the workforce of more than 1000 collaborators. 

To pay attention to the demands of the clients, they are business or consumer ends, with special delivery, reliability and quality, the RDG invests in modern equipments of storage, movement and transport of loads, besides disposing of a team of sales and telemarketing in any South-east Region and good part of the Northeast. His thirst is in the Serra/ES and disposes of more seven branches when they were strategically located in the Holy Spirit and Rio de Janeiro, besides commercial representatives who attend all Brazil.

The quality of his products is certified by the ISO9001 and also by the Prodfor (Integrated Program of Development and Suppliers’ Qualification of the state Espírito Santo).


The RDG attend through his head office and of his you stores much and offices. Everything to provide security and agility in the service.

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The history of the RDG happens in accordance with the professional trajectory of Ronaldo Roque Campo. 

When he was still a student of Economy in the Federal University of the Espírito Santo and it was already working in the Bank Banestes looked for new opportunities and was invited for D. Dalla Bernardina and Brothers, in the Vila Rubim, in Vitória, to work in the sector of credit and collection.

In the decade of 80, the Espírito Santo survived the growth in the civil construction. Ronaldo saw an opportunity for the D.Dalla with the square iron bar sale for the building firms and, therefore, it had participation in the segment of iron and steel products of the enterprise, which was devoting itself also for sale of other materials for construction. 

With the growth of the demand it was necessary to create an exclusive unity for the marketing of iron and steel products for the civil construction. So, in 1980, in the Avenue Leitão da Silva, in Vitória, is born the first shop. Since then, the enterprise expanded so much in the products mix how much in numbers of stores.


To offer solutions in iron and steel and similar products for clients of the industry, civil, farming construction, resales and final consumption. 


To be present in the main urbane centers of Brazil like reference in marketing of iron and steel products in the retail trade and attacked. 


  • Excellence in the service;
  • Ethics in the commercial relations;
  • Promise with the delivery of the products;
  • Safe productive practices;
  • Respect and care with the collaborators.

Quality politics

THE RDG STEELS OF BRAZIL markets iron and steel products aiming to attend the expectations and satisfaction of the clients, with qualified team, looking for the growth and the continuous improvement of the enterprise and of the system of Management of the Quality.

A qualidade de seus produtos está certificada pela ISO 9001 e também pelo Prodfor (Programa Integrado de Desenvolvimento e Qualificação de Fornecedores do Estado do Espírito Santo).

Enterprises of the Group

Perfilados Rio Doce

Industry manufacturer of products been derived from flat steels as tubes, profiles and tiles.


Serviceable of service with solutions in cut and fold of square iron bars, welded ready framework (APS), cut of cordoalha and cut welded fabric. Services carried out according to project, with loss I reduce to zero and agility for the clients.


Haulage company of loads dry and closed for all the regions of the country.

  • 1980

    D. Dalla opens shop in the Leitão da Silva to attend the civil construction with square iron bar sale

  • 1982

    Opening of the store of Colatina/ES

  • 1985

    Opening of the haulage company Transcampo

  • 1986

    Opening of the store of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES

  • 1990

    Opening of the head office in the Serra/ES, in Carapina

  • 1993

    Division D. Dalla Bernardina and Brothers in D.Dalla Building Materials and Electric and D. Dalla Iron and Steel Products

  • 1994

    Opening of the  store of the Campos dos Goytacazes, in the Rio de Janeiro

  • 1999

    Opening of the store Cariacica/ES

  • 2001

    Opening of the Centralfer to attend the demand of cut and fold from steel for civil construction

    Opening of Perfilados Rio Doce in Linhares/ES

  • 2003

    Opening of the store of Jardim Limoeiro, na Serra/ES

  • 2004

    Opening of the store of Linhares/ES

  • 2006

    Ronaldo Campo starts to be the only owner of D. Dalla Iron and Steel Products

  • 2007

    Opening of the productive unity of Perfilados Rio Doce in Civit II, Serra/ES

  • 2008

    Mark change: D. Dalla Iron and Steel Product starts to be called RDG Iron and Steel Products

  • 2010

    Opening of the productive unit in Civit II, Serra/ES

  • 2015

    35 years of acting in the market from the steel

  • 2018

    RDG is consolidated like bigger business group of the Espírito Santo, in accordance with the IEL/FINDES

Everything for his projects

Do not import in the size, the RDG attends his necessities in iron and steel products.