Cut and Fold of Plates

This service can be contracted for any work size, being carried out with precision, agility and in accordance with each project. We work with special profiles under measure in the most varied formats, with distinction for profiles with even 6.000mm of length and 12,50mm of thickness.

The advantages of this service are:

  • Precision in the cut and fold of the material;
  • Complete elimination of the rows of seats in the works flowerbed, with increase of free space and reduction in the risk of accidents of work caused by the handling of machines and movement of the pieces;
  • Reduction of waste, of the costs with equipments and labor;
  • Time profit, since to a outsource the cut service and double, it removes the stage of the assembly of equipment, going straightly for installation of the materials.

Everything for his projects

Do not import in the size, the RDG attends his necessities in iron and steel products.